Papuans in West Papua Only Have One Killer: The Malay Indos

PMNews asked the West Papua Revolutionary Army on recent killings happening in West Papua, who are the killers? Or Who is causing troubles in West Papua despite tens of visits to West Papua by the colonial president Joko Widodo. Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi says,

Papuans in West Papua Only Have One Killer: The Malay Indos. No one should be confused about it. Since its military invasion Indonesia has been here for gold, copper, timber, gas, oil, fish, you name it. And the human beings, native inhabitants, of an inferior and backward Melanesian race are seen as troublesome, as hindrance to the original purpose of invading, occupying and extracting the natural resources.

Amunggut Tabi continues,

Many Indnnesians use this expression, “New Guinea is a big Island, very big fo host all Indonesians, even still have more rooms to host all Malays from Java to Thailand, its natural resources terribly rich, it will take thousands of years to complete extract the natural resources, it is ripe, it is ready, however, it is a pity, it is disturbing, it is discouraging, that this island also has human beings, called Melanesian Papuan.

It is clear, that Melanesians in West Papua are seen as a “pity”, an obstacle, hinderance to the great Pan-Indonesia, Great Malay Republic as inspired by the first Malay-Indos President Sukarno.

Now, what is the solution that normal human being take when you see something or somebody is a “hindrance”? You solve it. You take the hindrance away. In this case, if Papuan as human beings are the problems, then Malay-Indos have to deal with them, and the only way is to kill-them-off.

Amunggut Tabi also stated,

I mean, wiping out Melanesians, not just Papuans, is on the agenda of Pan-Indonesia or Great Indonesia nation-state that was already designed by Sukarno. The mission is not yet complete until the Isle of New Guinea is fully occupied, and exploited, and the Papuans in this Island is completely wiped out.

I can guarantee this because I have read all secret-documents from Indonesian intelligence. Of course, we must purchase the information, but in the future time, they will take over Papua New Guinea, and later on Solomon Islands. It is just a matter of time, the plan is already in place and already in hands.

The most feasible approach to occupying the whole Melanesia starting from Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua westernmost ends is by wiping out the human beings who inhabit the Island. There is no other way ahead. They will never occupy already independent Papua New Guinea and other Melanesian nation-states just by killing the inhabitants but at least they already starting from West Papua. Once they wipe out and occupy West Papua, they will occupy Papua New Guinea in social, culture, technology, infrastructure, military, police.

Amunggut Tabi furthermore warned,

Of all human race in the world, Malay-Indos as Malay race is the most corrupt in their moral standard. They will always use women as the front-page, their window, their entry-point, their leading story. The most obvious example is the last UNGA interventions made by seven South Pacific countries was responded by Indonesia by presented what they called, “beautiful young Indonesian diplomat” and it then because spiral all over Indonesia. They do not care human beings are killed, and threatened to be wiped out from their own inherited land. Their focus was on that “one lady” that they regarded beautiful. What is the meaning of beauty when she tells lies in public speech? Beauty must rests in the heart, not in the skin.

Amunggut Tabi also mentioned the names, as examples, of Melanesian leaders who have been morally and politically defeated by Indonesia after giving them Indonesian ladies as their wives, or as their maids. Women is always in their forehead when they talk about dealing with other people, to defeat them:

They have, and they will offer ladies to many Melanesian politicians and key figures, and they will use all their powers to control Melanesian politics though back-doors, not front-doors. They have done so successfully with Papua New Guinea key figures. They will soon do it all over Melanesia. They will occupy Melanesia though back-doors. They are occupying West Papua though front-door. Melanesian leaders must read this reality rationally, and respond to it rationally, strategically, and wisely.

With all these background information, Amunggut Tabi said that Malay-Indos are the ones who want to see West Papua unstable, to see West Papuans wiped out from their homeland, to exploit and extract as many natural resources as possible in short time as possible.

He continues,

When you see any Melanesians die, mysteriously, openly, caused by illness or a sudden death, in remote villages or in crowded city, anywhere in Indonesia, hit by car or shot randomly, Melanesians must keep in mind, that surely, Malay-Indos are on their way wiping out Melanesian race. They are our killers. Any aid and development funds offer from Indonesia should be rejected, because their aid and money are full of Papuans’ blod.

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  1. We hope all Melanesian public and particularly political leaders and tribal elders understand and realise what is actually happening in West Papua and the impacts on all Melanesians.


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