Free West Papua moomoo feast

Rex Rumakiek, one of the five international representatives of the United Liberation Movement West Papua (ULMWP), will be talking about the self determination, de-colonisation and independence for West Papua from Indonesia in international arenas including the United Nations this Saturday at Sunforest organic farm. Photo supplied.

Rex Rumakiek, one of the five international representatives of the United Liberation Movement West Papua (ULMWP), will be talking about the self determination, de-colonisation and independence for West Papua from Indonesia in international arenas including the United Nations this Saturday at Sunforest organic farm. Photo supplied.

Source:  – Supporting the free West Papuan liberation movement, Australia’s closest neighbour, Sunforest organic farm is hosting a traditional moomoo pig feast this Saturday.

Rex Rumakiek, one of the five international representatives of the United Liberation Movement West Papua (ULMWP), will be talking about the self determination, de-colonisation and independence for West Papua from Indonesia in international arenas including the United Nations.

‘It is still highly militarised in West Papua,’ said organiser Matthew Jamieson.

‘There is military in every single village, people are constantly under surveillance. Human Rights abuse is a major method of control by Indonesian state through its military and police, which act with impunity.   

‘Recent cases of Human Rights abuse by police, such as Paniai case, continue not to be addressed even when government has promise investigation.’

Rumakiek has been active representing West Papua in the Pacific countries since the the late 1980s. He started his involvement in the liberation movement with the Organisi Papua Merdeka (OPM) which waged a guerrilla war against Indonesia in the jungle during the 1970s, 80s and early 90s.

Seven Pacific countries are currently publicly expressing concern about continuing human rights violence in West Papua, including Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tonga and Marshall Islands. Solomon Islands and Vanuatu leaders, together with the leadership of the French occupied Kanaky (New Caleadonia)  have voiced support for the right to self determination for the territory of West Papua

‘The Papuan population is stagnating and the Indonesian government is increasing the numbers of trans-migrants that are coming in,’ continued Jamieson.

‘In relation to the palm oil issue the locals are being threatened into signing away their land.

‘Supressing political decent by West Papuan people and backing industrial companies in conflicts over land usage is the norm for Indonesian security forces. Public outspoken criticism of Indonesia occupation and development agenda is dangerous for West Papuans in the villages and in provincial centres.

‘Development programs that are being set up to develop the region are not benefitting the local population but are to the advantage of the migrants brought in and are mostly just leading to the clearing of the forest.’

West Papua has the largest tracts of tropical forest left in the world.

‘In Merauke region about 150,000 hectares of tropical forest has been converted to rapidly expanding oil palm estates, and not counting the industrial logging impacts. The Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) has allocated 1.2 million hectare for industrial agriculture concessions and a further 4 million hectares ear marked for of conversion from forest.’

The continued clearing of forests contributes to climate change and rising sea levels that is becoming a serious issue for Pacific countries.

The first climate change relocations that started in 2016 continue to take place from Careret Islands onto the mainland in Papua New Guinea as the islands ares swallowed by the sea.

‘Carbon emissions from burning off tropical rainforest in West Papua, Sumatra and Kalimantan which is caused by industrial oil palm plantations expansion means that Indonesia was the the third largest carbon emitter in 2015,’ highlighted Jamieson.

To find out more head along to the moomoo, the is name from Lae in PNG, at Sunforest organic farm,80 Browns Cres, McLeods Shoot from 4pm this Saturday.

‘A moo moo involves cooking one of our organic pigs and sweet potato’s in banana leaf parcels under the ground on hot rocks,’ finished Jamieson.

Papuan independence leader pushes cause abroad

The West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda says international support for his people’s cause is steadily growing.

Mr Wenda is in New Zealand this week, raising awareness about the Indonesian-administered region of Papua, or West Papua, which he fled in 2003.

Last night in Wellington he addressed a group of MPs, after which eleven members signed a declaration by the International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

This international organisation of MPs is calling for an internationally supervised self-determination vote in West Papua.

Mr Wenda spoke to Johnny Blades and began by talking about a core issue of mistrust between Papuans and the Indonesian state.




BENNY WENDA: Distrust between Papuan and Indonesian… Jakarta always suspicious of every West papuan, whoever works in the government or ordinary people. So they’re suspicious and they’re always worried because Indonesia knows that their presence in West Papua is illegal. So they always worry. People who are working in Indonesia, in Jayapura or West Papua, they are always suspicious on them. So there is zero trust between Jakarta and Papuans, very much.

JOHNNY BLADES: This government under President Jokowi seems to have made more of an effort to listen to Papuans or to try and improve conditions on the ground, compared to previous Indonesian governments, would you agree with that?

BW: Yeah, the current president always constantly visits West Papua, almost two or three times a year. But the reality is, the governments are controlled by military. So the current president does not have power to change the situation in West Papua.

JB: There’s a lot happening in West Papua at the moment, isn’t there? The (outgoing) governor of Jakarta has been sentenced for blasphemy, and there are these radical elements who are sort of whipping up dissatisfaction with the Jokowi government. Tito Karnavian has warned that if that movement isn’t stopped, then there’ll be unrest in places like Papua. Would you agree with that?

BW: There’s a few elements that are trying to gain power, and there’s a politics angle in that, in what’s happening in Jakarta, because the military want to control. The current government is a civillian government, and so I think they want to go back where it was. So that’s why there’s a few elements like Wiranto and Prabowo trying to gain power and using these fundamentalists to manipulate them. That’s what’s happening in Indonesia. It’s something will change and unrest will happen.

JB: Do you ever hear from Indonesian government people trying to send you messages or anything?

BW: Until today they never say anything.

JB: But they are well aware of the work you’re doing. You are travelling around the world and lobbying, and things are starting to move a bit.

BW: Yeah, they’re working very hard trying to stop me, where ever I go. But this fight is not about who gains power, but this is about a humanitarian issue and this is human rights issue. That’s why I strongly believe that our right to self-determination still exists. This is something that I believe in. So Indonesia cannot stop me. My people and myself decide to free, so they cannot stop us. That’s why I’m confident.

JB: The Pacific Coalition on West Papua, which includes seven countries and of course a big civil society and church network, and the West Papuan Liberation Movement, has really internationalised the issue lately, including at the African, Caribbean and Pacific group summit this month.

BW: Yeah this is a big shift in the Pacific because Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are backing this issue, and we have formed the Pacific Coalition on West Papua, chaired by Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare. So the Manasseh Sogavare leadership is bringing a big impact on the West Papua issue. And the seven countries (of the coalition) I joined. It brings the West Papua case in United Nations level. So this is a big thing to change now. So we also got support from African, Caribbean and the Pacific. So this is a growing number and solidarity around the world.

JB: There’s a goal, isn’t there, to push Indonesia to have a legitimate self-determination process for the Papuans. Is that the ultimate goal?

BW: Yes that is the the ultimate goal. In fact today we signed the declaration. It’s part of the support for an internationally-supervised vote. And that Pacific Coalition and all that are part of the world, we are pushing that direction.

JB: Just now we’ve seen some New Zealand MPs sign up to it. MPs from other regions in the world have signed up to it. But can it make a difference when it comes to Jakarta?

BW: I think that at the moment, more people finding out, and parliamentarians around the world are solidarity with the people of West Papua. And here today we are signing the declaration, it’s cross-party. It’s not one particular party but Labour, Greens, National, they’re all signing the declaration. So this is, they show that around the world this fight is about a humanitarian issue. People believe in justice and freedom. That’s why these MPs are signing the declaration for West Papua internationally-supervised vote.

JB: There’s so many tribes in West Papua, could it function well as a nation on its own.

BW: Yeah I think we’ve been through many experiences in the last 50 years. We’ve learnt a lot, and we are travelling a lot. So Indonesia might say it’s a failed state. But we’ve are ready to take back our country because this is a last fight against colonialism, and we know that our neighbouring country in the Pacific they already got independence. And we also  learn from them. We’re working together to rebuild a new country democratically.

Gee James Lambie: The situation in West Papua has improved over recent years?

Free West Papua Party of Australia
Free West Papua Party of Australia
Free West Papua Party of Australia
Free West Papua Party of Australia

To all my West Papuan friends and supporters and the wider community

Ive had no response from the Attorney General to requests made for information on West Papua. In a letter to my local member Andrew Gee James Lambie Chief Of Staff stated “the situation in West Papua has improved over recent years”.

See Attached Letter below

I requested proof and received deadly silence.

I have lodged an application with the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal to obtain information under ( freedom of Information Legislation).

I will keep you posted on the outcome. Some interesting resources to view

Dreyfus and Attorney-General (Commonwealth of Australia) (Freedom of information) [2015] AATA 995 (22 December 2015)

Birch and Attorney-General ‘s Department [1994] AATA 528 (3 June 1994)

Bienstein and Attorney-General (Commonwealth of Australia) and Anor [2008] AATA 7 (4 January 2008)

See what BS they come up with and the cover ups.


Anthony G Craig
National Leader
Free West Papua Party of Australia
Lithgow NSW

Walking against impunity

AN activist group on their mission known as ‘The Walk Against Impunity,’ has been in Vanuatu this week, raising awareness about the struggle for justice and freedom in Maluku and West Papua.

The team has been to Port Vila, Luganville and Pentecost spreading the word on Maluku and West Papua’s freedom. The team was led by Dutch activist Francis Janssen and his team.

The team members said this was his second walk against impunity because Mr Janssen was inspired by the words of late Father Walter Hadye Lini: “Vanuatu is not free until all of Melanesia is free.”

Francis Janssen, accompanied by Marcel Tomasowa and Isaac Pattikawa, arrived in Port Vila on February 11, where they were welcomed by Peter Ranbel and Alul Ravue Fanbir.

In preparation for the walk, the team spent their first days in Port Vila meeting with very special people – Andy Ayamiseba, David Thomas, Chiefs Nakamal, Barak Sope, Yoan Simon, and Pastor Alan Nafuki and members of the Lini family.

Mr Janssen had an intensive conversation with Hilda Lini.

“This very inspiring lady made a deep impression, and the walking team marks her words: ‘If Maluku and West Papua will become independent, the first 10 years will be very tough, but that should not withhold you from continuing the struggle’, Ms Lini told us,” he said.

Mr Janssen’s first walk against Impunity took place in Timor-Leste in 2015 in commemoration of the sad anniversary of the killing of five foreign journalists in the village of Balibo. The journalists murdered by Indonesian military in the wake of the Indonesian invasion.

Mr Janssen dedicated his first walk to the brave people of Timor-Leste who persisted in their struggle for freedom.

“The atrocities that occurred in Timor-Leste during the Indonesian occupation are still happening in West Papua and Maluku today.

“No freedom of press, no freedom of expression, no freedom.

“However, the people still deal with occupation, oppression and violence.”

This gives the reason for Mr Janssen to continue walking against impunity because, he says, impunity is a green light for perpetrators to continue and repeat the atrocities, over and over again.

Those taking part said they hope this Walk against Impunity will be an inspiration to young Ni-Vanuatu, international activists and to all those who care about human dignity, freedom and self-determination.

They said they are in good spirits and no storm can stop them from walking against impunity.

Follow Francis and his team at:

Indonesia criticises Australia for not arresting trespassers at its Melbourne Consulate-General

Indonesia has questioned why Australia is yet to arrest people who “trespassed” on the Indonesian Consulate-General in Melbourne and waved a West Papuan separatist flag when their faces were clearly visible in video footage of the event.

Tensions remain inflamed between the two countries after a defence fracas earlier this month following the discovery of “offensive material” – including an assignment related to West Papuan independence – at a Perth army base.

Within days of the furore a Caucasian man was filmed provocatively holding up the separatist West Papuan “Morning Star” flag, which is banned in Indonesia, on the roof of the Indonesian Consulate-General in Melbourne. Another person filmed the event.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi described the alleged trespass on January 6 as  a “criminal act that is completely intolerable”.



Organisations petition Australia on Indo – Australia Military Training

The five most prominent Ni-Vanuatu charitable organisations in the country led by the Vanuatu Free West Papua Association (VFWPA), have petitioned the Australian Government to “stop killing Melanesian people

in West Papua” by way of providing financial support and military training for Indonesian Elite Kopassus and Detachment 88.

The training programme is made possible under the Australia/Indonesia bilateral military cooperation.

The petition was signed by the Chairman of VFWPA, Pastor Allan Nafuki, President of the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Chief Seni Mao Tirsupe, Chief Executive Officer of the Vanuatu National Council of Women, Leias Cullwick, Chief Executive Officer of Vanuatu Non-Government Organisations, Charlie Harrison and President of Vanuatu National Youth Council, Vira Taivakalo.

The petition says the decision has come at the right time to support and encourage all the West Papua Solidarity Groups in Australia to change the heart of the Australian Government to “stop the killing of Melanesian brothers and sisters in West Papua”.

The petition describes Melanesians as “the most hated ethnic group in the world” saying, “…the Australian Government should have learned and repented from the past barbarous treatment our forefathers received during the black birding and slave-trade era”.

In the true spirit of solidarity and partnership with all the Pacific Civil Society Organisations and the people of Vanuatu:

• Convince that all indigenous peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory.

• Re-affirm our solid stand to continue always to be the voice of the voiceless.

• Express solidarity with the commitments of the leaders of the MSG, other Pacific countries and all the West Papuan support groups around the globe to condemn the ongoing genocide and human rights violation in West Papua.

• Further petition the Australian Government to respect all the Articles of the following International Instruments on Human Rights which were adopted and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly :

• Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (GA resolution 217 A (111) of 10 December 1948),

• (11) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

• (GA resolution 2200 A (XX1) of 16 December 1966 and came into force on 23/03/1976),

• (111) Declaration On The Granting Of Independence To Colonial Countries and Peoples. (GA resolution 1514 (xv) of 14 December 1960 and

• (1V) International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. (GA resolution 2200 A (XXXI) of 16 December 1966, but entered into force on 03/01/1976

• Finally petition the Australian Government to solemnly proclaim the necessity of bringing to a speedy and unconditional end of colonialism in all its forms and manifestation in the world and especially in West Papua.

The Chairman of VFWPA says the First Secretary Head of Political and Economic Unit, Sonya Gray attended the signing ceremony at the PCV Office yesterday.

The Chairman read the petition in her presence then handed her a copy to deliver to the Australian High Commissioner.

The First Secretary said thank you and assured the petitioners with words to the effect that the Australian Government, like Vanuatu, does not support all forms of mistreatment of all colonised peoples but that at the same time respects Indonesia’s sovereignty.

Call out for action over Indonesia

Anthony Craig is a man who is passionate about many issues local, national and international.

His advocacy on behalf of the people of West Papua, the Indonesian section of the island of New Guinea has led him be announced as new leader of The Free West Papua Party of Australia.

On taking the role Mr Craig reaffirmed the party’s commitment to raise awareness of the human rights violations occurring just 200 kilometres north of Australia.

Mr Craig sent a letter out last week to a group of recipients that included the Prime Minister, the head of the Australian defence forces and a foreign embassy.

In the letter Mr Craig wrote strongly suggesting that the Australian Government’s training of the Indonesian military and police is a war crime under international and Australian Law based on what has happened in West Papua and East Timor.

“What the Indonesian military and police are doing is slow motion genocide,” Mr Craig said.

Australia and Indonesia’s military training exercises were in the spotlight last week for a different reason with military ties between the two countries strained after the Indonesian military Chief took offence at curriculum taught at a Perth army base.

Mr Craig went to West Papua in 2015 and spoke with people living under the Indonesian rule including church leaders who told of the slaughter of local population.

“The evidence is there,” Mr Craig said but the media is not getting it out for the public to see nor are the Australia’s politicians doing anything about it.

“None of the major parties, including the Greens, are talking about it.”

This is why The Free West Papua Party of Australia was established Mr Craig said.

Paul Madden, the outgoing leader of the aspiring political party said Mr Craig had performed an excellent job as the Party’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and he now looked forward to supporting Mr Craig as the new party leader.

“Anthony Craig has been a leading advocate for West Papuan human rights and freedom for many years.

“He was one of the first members of the Free West Papua Party of Australia and has been a passionate loyal supporter since the beginning.

“Anthony was the natural choice to take over the leadership of the Party.”

The Free West Papua Party of Australia has some 350 members.

It needs at least 550 members to register as a political party and increase its pressure on the Australia Government, Mr Craig said.

For more information go to


West Papua, Indonesia not discussed

Vanuatu Daily Post, By Len Garae,

The Melanesian Spearhead Group Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting at the Secretariat in Port Vila this week has not dealt with Indonesia’s Associate Membership of MSG or West Papua’s Observer Status of MSG.

The Chairman of the meeting who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and external Trade of the Solomon Islands, Milner Tozaka said his team has reviewed the procedures to be dealt with by the Leaders early next year.

Asked what the new recommendations are the Chairman explained, “One of the important recommendations is a guideline whereby any new application for membership, will have to be forwarded firstly to the Director General (of MSG), who will be consulting the leaders for their direction as to whether to consider the application or not, and subject to their approval, then they would consider the application”.

He made it clear the meeting this week did not deal with either of the two applications.

“The (MSG) legal institution to revisit the application for membership as well as the associate membership has been done and we have not gone into considering the applications for either of them,” the Chairman explained.

Asked if the meeting has agreed that the two applications are in order, he replied, “The status quo remains the same. Nothing has changed in relation to Indonesia as an Associate Member and West Papua as an Observer”.

The Chairman said any changes would only take place after the leaders meet to consider the new criteria have been recommended by the Legal Committee to the leaders for their deliberations next year.

The current Chair said the next meeting will depend on the new Chairman of MSG in consultation with his colleagues but that it is expected to be held early next year.

While farewelling the staff of MSG Secretariat and wishing them and their families “merry Christmas” over kava and snacks at the Secretariat yesterday, the Chairman said, “Following the appointment of Ambassador (Amena) Yauvoli, a Governing body meeting was convened and hosted by Fiji in the beautiful city of Lautoka in early June this year.

“The outcome of the meeting was politically significant for MSG as members re-energised their deliberations on the agenda of membership issue and guideline.

“The outcome of this particular discussion in our meeting this week has further paved the way for our Leaders to deliberate on the issue in 2017.

Indonesian push for education about Papua history

RadioNZ – A Jakarta-based group says Indonesians need to learn more about the way West Papua was incorporated into the republic.

The newly-established Indonesian People’s Front for West Papua, or FRI West Papua, this week declared its support for West Papuan liberation from Indonesian rule.

Made up of non-Papuans, the group said that the universal right to self-determination was denied in the case of West Papua.

Surya Anta of FRI West Papua
Surya Anta of FRI West Papua Photo: supplied

Its spokesman Surya Anta says Indonesians are not well educated about what he calls the illegitimate takeover of Papua.

“Government never talks and ever teaches in schools or universities about the Act of Free Choice in 1969. Even though they aren’t talking about it, they say that the Act of Free Choice in 1969 is a democratic process.But in 1969 there was pressure on the people of Papua.”

Surya Anta said the Act of Free Choice was illegitimate because only 0.2 percent of the population participated and it did so under duress.

The Indonesian government however said the incorporation of Papua into the republic was UN-sanctioned and final.

It said since the democratisation of the country, inroads were being made on improving the living conditions and social services available in Papua.

But discontent among Papuans regarding Indonesian rule, and momentum for a review of the way Papua was subsumed into the republic, appear to be growing.

FRI West Papua is one of a number of civil society and student groups planning to demonstrate in Jakarta today to mark West Papua’s Flag Day, December 1st.

It’s 55 years since the Morning Star flag was first flown officially in West Papua, as the indigenous people of the former Dutch New Guinea declared independence.

However the 1961 declaration was soon eclipsed by a US-brokered agreement between the Dutch and Jakarta which paved the way for an Indonesian takeover.

The Morning Star was subsequently banned in Indonesia.

While to raise the flag in Papua still risks incurring a hefty jail term, many West Papuans and supporters abroad look to mark this anniversary by raising the Morning Star on this day.

West Papuan Liberation Movement lobbies at the UN

RadioNZ – United Liberation Movement for West Papua leaders have been in New York this week, lobbying at the United Nations about their self-determination struggle in Indonesia.

United Nations, New York.
United Liberation Movement for West Papua leaders have been lobbying at the United Nations in New York. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The Liberation Movement’s secretary-general Octo Mote and spokesman Benny Wenda said they have been meeting with officials from several UN departments and various embassies.

They have been talking about their hopes for a new internationally-supervised self-determination vote for the indigenous people of Indonesia’s Papua region.

Mr Wenda said the lobbying gives them an opportunity to correct misinformation spread internationally about Papua by Jakarta and people within the UN system appreciate the discussions.

“We’re also updating the current situation (on the ground in Papua) and this is like… that West Papua has been neglected for the last fifty years, so they’re surprised that this has been going on. So there’s a number of diplomats we met in New York.”

Mr Wenda said that taking the matter to the UN is part of the new phase of their struggle.

He said the combined issues of human rights abuses in West Papua, and Papuans’ self-determination struggle, are considered an issue for the whole Pacific islands region, and that Pacific countries are increasingly supportive.

Jakarta said Papua’s incorporation into Indonesia is final and that human rights abuses in the region are being addressed.

It also said it is devoting significant resources into creating better conditions for economic development at grassroots levels in West Papuan communities.

However, despite Jakarta’s sensitivity to it, there have been various diplomatic gains made this year in advancing West Papua as an issue for the UN to address.

This includes the call by the International Parliamentarians for West Papua for an independence referendum in Papua, and the rise of the Pacific Coalition for West Papua.

It is still unclear if the melanesian Spearhead Group will accept the Liberation Movement’s bid to be a full member in the group – a decision could be made before Christmas, according to the MSG secretariat.

However Mr Wenda said Papuans were greatly encouraged by the unprecedented call by seven Pacific states at the UN General Assembly in September for the world community to take action about alleged historical and current injustices in Papua.

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