West Papua Problem Will Only be Solved in Melanesian Way, by Melanesian Leaders

West Papua Liberation Army (WPRA) Secretary-General, towards the end term of his office before the secretariat-general office is being ended by its Commander in Chief, Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda, made a public statement last night that “West Papua Problem Will Only be Solved in Melanesian Way, by Melanesian leaders“, in reply to written questions sent by PMNews (Free West Papua News at papuapost.com via Email and Mobile Text Message.

PMNews: Hello, this is from PMNews again, we would like to ask some questions in relation to current development of West Papua independence campaign. It was reported recently that the Solomon Islands Prime Minister as the Chair of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has toured and met other Melanesian leaders, except the PNG Prime Minister. What do you make out of this development?

WPRA: We thank to God, Almighty, creator of our Melanesian Islands, particularly the home of Melanesians, the Isle of New Guinea, and to our Melnaesian leaders, who are already standing up for their own people and our common identity as Melanesians.

About the current progress of MSG Chair meeting other MSG leaders, we are really grateful that this is happening. About MSG Chair not yet met PNG Premier, please PMNews,do not worry about this. This is exactly we call “The Melaensian Way”. The most obvious feature of the “Melanesian Way” is: UNPREDICTABLE. Please not it, Melanesians are unpredictable, what we do always unpredictable. When Barack Obama, Donal Trump, T. May, Joko Widodo say something, then most of us will be able to predict what they mean and what they imply at the same time. But when Melanesian peoples say something, they can mean something totally different, it is just unpredictable.

PMNews: United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) was promised to be accepted as Full Member of the MSG by early 2017, but this did not happen. Do you think this is also related to “The Melanesian Way”?

WPRA: You are absolutely right. You got it now. That is exactly why I said, we are Melanesians, and we are unpredictable.What we do is the same as the modern world do things. Melanesians are Melanesians. West Papua Issue is now Melanesian Issue, and we are now already dealing with it. Do not do things in Melanesia according to the Western mindset. It will have a counter-productive outcome.

PMNews: Does it mean Melanesian leaders can make promises but then it is OK if they do not deliver?

WPRA: You were already good in previous question, but now you got it wrong in this question. PLEASE: Do not focus on semi-membership and full-membership. That is western mind. Please focus on “membership”. Full stop. ULMWP is ALREADY a member of the MSG, full stop.

Be thankful, work on it, cultivate and nurture communication and collaboration with Melanesian leaders, our own leaders. Do not treat PNG Premier and Solomon Premier as different peoples. They are just one: Melanesian leaders.

West Papua just born into Melanesian family, a new born baby. Do not ask for food yet, milk first. Work first, cultivate first, nurture first, then things will evolve automatically and naturally. We are not talking about other peoples. We are talking about our own Melanesia and Melanesians. Think in Melanesian Way, Act in Melanesian Way.

PMNews: Elaborate more on the “Melaensian Way” that you are talking about.

WPRA: Just one short story. If you want a girl from another clan, what do you normally do? You must behave, you must show yourself capable man, know how to build house, make garden, and be a man, a husband. If your thinking and behavior is like a small kids, no woman will be willing to marry you, no clan will approve you to get their daughter.

You do not need to go around, you do not need to go to their men’s houses and put notice and distribute leaflets asking for support for your marriage with the girl. You do not need to ask other boys to join you in your demonstration. That will make the whole thing counter-productive, right?

What you should do is “behave”, do things that Melanesian peoples do in order to get attention, and in order to get support!

When we Melanesians live long time in the west, then we forget our own Melanesian Way. This is why we say we are Melanesians, but we do in western way. “Our Voice is like that of Jacob’s, but our skin feels like that of Esau’s”. What a game we are into now.

Get out from there. Be Melanesians, do things in Melanesian Way.

Everything is already on the right track. Nothing to worry about. Just TRUST….

  1. Trust in God and His miracles;
  2. Trust in Melanesia and Melanesian leaders’ wisdom
  3. Trust in Yourselves as Melanesians in West Papua.

And then…

  1. As far as possible, avoid to trust opinion from Non-Melanesian(s), because they have their own interests and we do not want them to change our course into their course;
  2. As far as possible, DELETE doubt in yourself, and in your own Melanesian peoples, because that is the deadliest disease that we can have in order to destroy us Melanesians and our future; and
  3. Only then, you can have the capability to absorb and comprehend ideas and suggestions from outside Melanesia, and then you can properly make use of things coming from outside.

PMNews: Your advice is not really easy, because we are in a globalised world, out West Papuan leaders now live in the West and we do not know what things they are getting from there and what things they want to use to Free West Papua.

WPRA: The right Melanesian leaders from West Papua will choose to live in one of Melanesian states, just like what Any Ayamiseba and The Late Dr. OPM John Otto Ondawame did. If they choose to live in the western countries, we will surely know that they dot not FULLY represent West Papuans, but they PARTLY represent non-Melanesians as well.

PMNwes: Any advice for Melanesian youths in West Papua and all over Indonesia?

WPRA: Not now, nothing to say for them right now.

Since 2004, WPRA has already been active in building bases for Free West Papua Campaign across Melanesian states. Since 2006, or ten years ago, we already have moved the Field  of West Papua Political Match from Western New Guinea to Eastern New Guinea. Therefore, the match now is happening in PNG, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Kanaky and Vanuatu, not in West Papua or Indonesia anymore.

There is no comment for spectators. When there is a match, people normally give comments on the match, not on the spectators. Thank you.


Mathias Wenda: Pembentukan West Papua Government itu Wajib, Tidak Bisa DItawar-Tawar

Gen. TRWP Mathias Wenda, dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan, lewat Secretary-General yang bertugas sebagai penghubung urusan politik dari TRWP mengatakan

“Apa artinya berjuang untuk West Papua merdeka kalau semua tokoh Papua Merdeka hanya tipu-tipu main-main menjadi aktivis seumur hidup? Hanya Pembentukan Pemerintahan yang akan memberikan kepastian kepada dunia bahwa kita serius berjuang untuk kemerdekaan, bukan sekedar karena cemburu kurang makan dan kuran pembangunan seperti dalil NKRI.”

Berikut petikan wawancara dengan Papua Merdeka News (PMNews):

PMNews: Selamat malam, kami tujuan kami menelepon kali ini terkait dengan Undang-Undang Revolusi West Papua (UURWP) yang sudah disahkan oleh Parlemen Nasional West Papua (PNWP). Apakah langkah selanjutnya?

TRWP: Langkah selanjutnya adalah pembentukan Pemerintahan West Papua, entah itu pemerintahan transisi, pemerintahan sementara, apapun namanya, yang terpenting Pemerintah harus ada.

PMNews: Dalam UURWP itu pasal tambahan memberikan tugas kepada ULMWP untuk membentuk Pemerintahan, dan pasal sebelumnya memberikan tugas kepada PNWP untuk mensahkan. PNWP sudah mensahkan, lalu ULMWP kenapa tidak mensahkan, sekarang sudah lewat batas waktu menurut UURWP?

TRWP: Ya, betul UURWP memberikan batas waktu untuk pembentukan pemerintahan, dan waktu sudah lewat. Menurut bahasa UURWP, sebenarnya jelas ULMWP sudah melanggar UURWP, pasti ada resikonya. Tetapi itu berarti PNWP perlu selamatkan ULMWP dengan mengamandemen dan memberikan waktu yang cukup kepada ULMWP untuk membentuk pemerintahan.

PMNews: Ada orang Papua yang berpendapat bahwa kita belum siap untuk membentuk pemerintahan, oleh karena itu berjuang dulu dengan ULMWP.

TRWP: Yang, ada orang Papua bukan, ada orang Papindo (Papua-Indonesia) dan ada orang lawan Papua Merdeka, memang mereka ingin tidak boleh ada pemerintahan Negara West Papua. Karena mereka tahu bahwa tanpa pemerintahan West Papua, maka perjuangan Papua Merdeka sama sekali bohong, mimpi siang bolong. Jadi, kalimat ini murni dari NKRI, bukan dari orang Papua,bukan?

PMNews: Yang kami maksud para pejuang Papua Merdeka sendiri yang tidak mau, yang ada dalam organ perjuangan Papua Merdeka, yang selama ini demo, yang selama ini keluar-masuk bicara Papua Merdeka, mereka yang tidak mau bentuk pemerintahan sekarang.

TRWP: Kami tahu, tetapi jangan kembangkan pertanyaan seperti ini. Semua orang Papua itu mau merdeka. Apa proses merdeka? Semua orang Papua sudah tahu. Yang terjadi saat ini adalah konsolidasi emosi dan egoisme pribadi satu-dua di dalam tubuh perjuangan dan di dalam organisasi yang berjuang untuk Papua Merdeka. Mereka tidak mewakili aspirasi rakyat Papua. Yang mereka katakan itu adalah suara Ego pribadi.

Kami dari TRWP masih menunggu waktu, Tuhan sebagai Tokoh Revolusioner Semesta Alam Sepanjang Masa akan menjamah hati dan nurani mereka semua yang bersuara seolah-olah seperti suara Papindo, sama dengan kemauan Indonesia, yaitu Pemerintah West Papua tidak boleh ada, kita berjuang saja dengan ULMWP.

“Tuhan Pencipta Langit dan Bumi, Pencipta Tanah Papua, dengarkanlah doa kami, ampunilah mereka yang belum tahu apa yang mereka perbuat. Yesus, Tokoh Revolusioner Semesta Alam Sepanjang Masa, nyatakan kuasa-Mu, teruskan mujizat-Mu yang satu kepada yang lain yang baru, kami siap menjunjung dan mengabarkan mujizat-mujizat-Mu itu sampai ke ujung-ujung Bumi.”

PMNews: Terimakasih untuk doa ini. Terimakasih untuk masukan dan nasehat.

TRWP: Jadi intinya semua orang Papua mau merdeka, terlepas dari NKRI. Itu yang perlu kita pupuk, kita pelihara, dan kita kembang-biakkan. Dan kita perlu kabarkan, bahwa untuk menuju kemerdekaan itu, perlu ada (1) Tanah Air; (2) Rakyat (3) Negara; dan atributnya  (4) Pengakuan Internasional; dan (5) pemerintahan untuk menjalankan negara itu.

Dalam adat orang Koteka, kalau seorang anak laki-laki tidak bisa bikin honai, tidak bisa bikin kebun, tidak boleh nikah/kawin. Sampai tua umurnya, kalau belum bisa, ya tunggu dulu. Nah, kalau perjuangan ini kalau hanya bicara bikin negara tetapi pemerintahan tidak ada, sama saja dengan anak yang selalu cerita perempuan kiri-kanan, siang-malam tetapi sebenarnya dia tidak tahu bikin honai, tidak tahu bikin kebun, tahunya hanya bicara-bicara di jalan. Kapan perempuan percaya kalau memang laki-laki macam ini bertanggung-jawab? Kapan masyarakat dunia dan NKRi percaya kalau kami memang benar-benar mau keluar dari NKRI?

Sama dengan itu, orang tua juga menunggu anak-nya kalau mau kawin/nikah, maka dia harus keluar dan bentuk keluarga sendiri. Itu baru tindakannya jelas. Kalau mau bikin keluarga tetapi masih mau tinggal dengan orang tua, maka itu bukan bikin keluarga namanya, itu disebut kawin masuk, jadi jangan disamakan. Negara West Papua bukan negara kawin-masuk, yaitu Federasi atau Otsus atau Otsus Plus di dalam NKRI, BUKAN!

West Papua ini mau kawin masuk ke dalam NKRi ataukah mau keluar dan merdeka, berdaulat?

Kalau mau merdeka dan berdaulat, otomatis, pasti, dan harus ada pemerintah Negara WestPapua, sehingga semua orang tahu jelas dan dengan pasti bahwa memang ULMWP, PNWP, KNPB, TPN OPM, NRFPB, WPIA, WPNA dan TRWP mau mendirikan negara di luar NKRI.

PMNews:  Terimakasih atas penjelasannya.

TRWP: Apa artinya berjuang untuk West Papua merdeka kalau semua tokoh Papua Merdeka hanya tipu-tipu main-main menjadi aktivis seumur hidup? Hanya Pembentukan Pemerintahan yang akan memberikan kepastian kepada dunia bahwa kita serius berjuang untuk kemerdekaan, bukan sekedar karena cemburu kurang makan dan kuran pembangunan seperti dalil NKRI

PMNews: Terimakasih.

Government should be ‘more patient, less reactive’ on Papua issue

The jakarta Post – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo delegates the formulation of Indonesia’s position on global matters without much guidance or clarity, observers say.The Jakarta Post’s Tama Salim interviewed Siswo Pramono, head of the Foreign Ministry’s Policy Analysis and Development Agency (BPPK), to review his foreign policy and strategies for the next three years. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Question: What is the current priority of Indonesian foreign policy?

The closest region is our biggest priority, not just for economic reasons but also for our survival, which is highly dependent on ASEAN.

The challenges in ASEAN are enormous: first, a fundamental change in […] the “ASEAN way,” which has taken on new […] meanings with the generational changes.

We have the generation of [Foreign Minister] Retno [LP Marsudi] — the third generation [of the ministry’s diplomats] — but then we have a generation of people from ministries and other counterparts who have not changed all that much.

 ASEAN […] requires constant care in preserving its unity; the challenge is in the political communication.

Secondly, while our foreign policy is formulated for the long term, we feel its direct impact when it is tangible. So […] when [ASEAN] members converge into a single market we may not be able to discern its effects on prosperity within a day, but we can sense it through the penetration of goods [into the market].

[…] In celebrating ASEAN’s 50th anniversary next year, we’ve gone through many changes, including the ASEAN Charter. There is so much transparency now […] Concrete projects include the ASEAN Economic Community […] but […] we need to better inform our people about the [risks]. […]

What did you mean with generational differences among those shaping foreign policy?

[…] A lot of the [1945 generation] were Dutch-educated; […] even for homegrown talents, most universities were developed by the Dutch. So when we speak about the foreign policy of that time, we speak of

[…] Then the development of schools of thought from one generation to another is quite dynamic, owing [partly] to the extraordinary democracy in 1955 […]

We had products of Dutch thinking and then American. Then we shifted more toward the Pacific […]; around 20,000 Indonesians are studying in Australia. So we have had a Western perspective within the Asian experience. But nowadays we have more people who studied in Japan, South Korea and China […]

So how do we interpret the ASEAN Way through the eyes of our current generation? And how do others, such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines, see the ASEAN Way through their perspective? […]

[We require] brainstorming among leaders […] including how to face the common challenge of the South China Sea debacle. […] If these parties [in ASEAN are] economically close but are culturally different, it is something we only find out from intense dialogue.

What other regions will the Foreign Ministry prioritize apart from ASEAN?

We see [the importance of] the Indian Ocean through our leadership [in the Indian Ocean Rim Association, IORA]. […] Indonesia is bound by […] the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and the East Asia region to the north, and to our west is the Indian Ocean […]

When President Joko “Jokowi’ Widodo speaks about the Indo-Pacific region and the “maritime axis,” he refers to the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, including the South China Sea.

So in line with the maritime axis plan […], the foundation of our foreign policy in the last two years, we have to connect the two oceans.

Indonesia is more focused on communicating inwardly through infrastructure development — building ports, toll roads etc. But now we are being challenged by China on how to connect the maritime axis plan with their One Belt, One Road initiative. […]

Indonesia [must also] consider the Indian Ocean […]

Jokowi’s maritime axis plan [also comprises] the Pacific — the southwest Pacific in the context of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and the Papua issue. Although we try to avoid internationalization of the Papua issue, many people out there make a fuss about it.

[As] a G20 member state, […] we are now a donor country, meaning we have to funnel our resources in the Pacific.

Compared to ASEAN, with a combined GDP of US$2.3 trillion […] and IORA with around $9 trillion; the MSG [has] a total GDP of $23 billion. So with a GDP of roughly $850 billion, we can play a bigger role [in the Pacific].

[…] the government should be more patient and be less reactive. […] We place great care in the MSG as it is a part of the South Pacific. […] Because it is a sensitive issue in eastern Indonesia and President Jokowi has just inaugurated several projects in Papua, the MSG should feel it is benefiting from Indonesia becoming one of its members. […]

The MSG orients itself toward ASEAN. […] Indonesia is part-Melanesian, as evidenced by our 11 million Melanesian population [in eastern Indonesia]. If they join the MSG, their slice of the political pie will get bigger and the eastern region […] will become their bridge to the Asian market. There are already direct flights from PNG to Bali […]

Papua is first and foremost Indonesia’s domestic problem […] Papua can also become a potential gateway for our friends in the Pacific to access the Asian market. […]

So these past two years Pak Jokowi has been promoting the maritime axis plan, but now we must devise concrete strategies and translate them into foreign policy. [Our challenge is] not only to realize the connectivity […] but also to ensure it becomes the gateway to profits in the Indian Ocean, in East Asia and the South China Sea area, as well as in the Pacific. [..]

Do we need better coordination among government bodies?

[…] it is up to each ministry to respond to the will of the President, who represents the will of the people. And how his ministers respond will heavily depend on how everything is coordinated.

For instance, in negotiations on the South China Sea, [apart from] the Foreign Ministry there is the Office of the Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister and the Navy — even the Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Ministry is involved […] because development on the Natuna islands will be decisive in maintaining sovereignty in the area.

[But] […] it remains the domain of the foreign minister to convey the substance to ASEAN or China. Interdepartmental coordination is crucial because Indonesia [has] many gaps — whether between east and west or among competing interests. But it is the purpose of good governance to ensure that everything [put out as a policy] is discussed together.

Papuans in West Papua Only Have One Killer: The Malay Indos

PMNews asked the West Papua Revolutionary Army on recent killings happening in West Papua, who are the killers? Or Who is causing troubles in West Papua despite tens of visits to West Papua by the colonial president Joko Widodo. Lt. Gen. Amunggut Tabi says,

Papuans in West Papua Only Have One Killer: The Malay Indos. No one should be confused about it. Since its military invasion Indonesia has been here for gold, copper, timber, gas, oil, fish, you name it. And the human beings, native inhabitants, of an inferior and backward Melanesian race are seen as troublesome, as hindrance to the original purpose of invading, occupying and extracting the natural resources.

Amunggut Tabi continues,

Many Indnnesians use this expression, “New Guinea is a big Island, very big fo host all Indonesians, even still have more rooms to host all Malays from Java to Thailand, its natural resources terribly rich, it will take thousands of years to complete extract the natural resources, it is ripe, it is ready, however, it is a pity, it is disturbing, it is discouraging, that this island also has human beings, called Melanesian Papuan.

It is clear, that Melanesians in West Papua are seen as a “pity”, an obstacle, hinderance to the great Pan-Indonesia, Great Malay Republic as inspired by the first Malay-Indos President Sukarno.

Now, what is the solution that normal human being take when you see something or somebody is a “hindrance”? You solve it. You take the hindrance away. In this case, if Papuan as human beings are the problems, then Malay-Indos have to deal with them, and the only way is to kill-them-off.

Amunggut Tabi also stated,

I mean, wiping out Melanesians, not just Papuans, is on the agenda of Pan-Indonesia or Great Indonesia nation-state that was already designed by Sukarno. The mission is not yet complete until the Isle of New Guinea is fully occupied, and exploited, and the Papuans in this Island is completely wiped out.

I can guarantee this because I have read all secret-documents from Indonesian intelligence. Of course, we must purchase the information, but in the future time, they will take over Papua New Guinea, and later on Solomon Islands. It is just a matter of time, the plan is already in place and already in hands.

The most feasible approach to occupying the whole Melanesia starting from Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua westernmost ends is by wiping out the human beings who inhabit the Island. There is no other way ahead. They will never occupy already independent Papua New Guinea and other Melanesian nation-states just by killing the inhabitants but at least they already starting from West Papua. Once they wipe out and occupy West Papua, they will occupy Papua New Guinea in social, culture, technology, infrastructure, military, police.

Amunggut Tabi furthermore warned,

Of all human race in the world, Malay-Indos as Malay race is the most corrupt in their moral standard. They will always use women as the front-page, their window, their entry-point, their leading story. The most obvious example is the last UNGA interventions made by seven South Pacific countries was responded by Indonesia by presented what they called, “beautiful young Indonesian diplomat” and it then because spiral all over Indonesia. They do not care human beings are killed, and threatened to be wiped out from their own inherited land. Their focus was on that “one lady” that they regarded beautiful. What is the meaning of beauty when she tells lies in public speech? Beauty must rests in the heart, not in the skin.

Amunggut Tabi also mentioned the names, as examples, of Melanesian leaders who have been morally and politically defeated by Indonesia after giving them Indonesian ladies as their wives, or as their maids. Women is always in their forehead when they talk about dealing with other people, to defeat them:

They have, and they will offer ladies to many Melanesian politicians and key figures, and they will use all their powers to control Melanesian politics though back-doors, not front-doors. They have done so successfully with Papua New Guinea key figures. They will soon do it all over Melanesia. They will occupy Melanesia though back-doors. They are occupying West Papua though front-door. Melanesian leaders must read this reality rationally, and respond to it rationally, strategically, and wisely.

With all these background information, Amunggut Tabi said that Malay-Indos are the ones who want to see West Papua unstable, to see West Papuans wiped out from their homeland, to exploit and extract as many natural resources as possible in short time as possible.

He continues,

When you see any Melanesians die, mysteriously, openly, caused by illness or a sudden death, in remote villages or in crowded city, anywhere in Indonesia, hit by car or shot randomly, Melanesians must keep in mind, that surely, Malay-Indos are on their way wiping out Melanesian race. They are our killers. Any aid and development funds offer from Indonesia should be rejected, because their aid and money are full of Papuans’ blod.

Sogavare : Saat Ini Isu Papua Adalah Isu Pasifik

Honiara, Jubi – Manasye Sogavare, Perdana Menteri Kepulauan Solomon yang juga Ketua Melanesia Spearhead Groups saat ini menjadi Ketua Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF). Di hari pertama ia menjabat sebagai Ketua PIDF, Sogavare mengundang para pemimpin negara-negara Pasifik yang hadir dalam pertemuan PIDF di Kepulauan Solomon untuk membahas masa depan Bangsa dan Rakyat Papua.

“Masalah Papua saat ini sudah menjadi masalah bukan hanya Melanesia, tapi juga Pasifik, terutama negara-negara di Mikronesia dan Polinesia. Pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia di Papua yang terus terjadi hingga saat ini menjadi kepedulian kami di Pasifik,”

kata Sogavare kepada Jubi, Jumat (17/7/2015) dalam satu wawancara khusus usai melakukan pertemuan dengan para pemimpin Mikronesia dan Polinesia serta kelompok masyarakat Sipil Pasifik di King Solomon Hotel, Honiara. Pertemuan ini dihadiri juga oleh pemimpin United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Sogavare mengakui, ia telah berkirim surat kepada Presiden Indonesia, Joko Widodo untuk membahas masalah Papua namun permintaan dalam surat tersebut ditolak. Surat tersebut dikirim olehnya dalam kapasitasnya sebagai Ketua Melanesia Spearhead Groups.
“Saya mengirimkan surat untuk dua hal. Pertama adalah untuk membahas masalah Papua dalam kapasitas saya sebagai ketua MSG, sebab Indonesia adalah anggota assosiasi dan Papua adalah pengamat dalam MSG. Kedua adalah meminta agar Indonesia sebagai anggota assosiasi mulai membuka diri untuk membahas masalah Papua di forum MSG. Namun kedua permintaan tersebut tidak mendapatkan respon positif dari Indonesia,” ujar Sogavare.

Sikap pemerintah Indonesia ini menurutnya, menunjukkan bahwa Indonesia tidak memiliki niat positif untuk menyelesaikan masalah hak asasi manusia di Papua. Meskipun pemerintah Indonesia, melalui Menteri Kordinator Politik, Hukum dan Keamanan telah mengundang beberapa Duta Besar negara-negara Pasifik, termasuk Kepulauan Solomon datang ke Papua dan menyaksikan upaya penyelesaian masalah Hak Asasi Manusia yang sedang dilakukan oleh pemerintah, MSG menurut Sogavare adalah forum yang tepat untuk membahas masalah tersebut. Karena baik Indonesia maupun rakyat Papua yang diwakili oleh ULMWP ada dalam forum tersebut.

“Saya mengapresiasi upaya yang dilakukan pemerintah Indonesia. Namun keputusan kami menerima Indonesia dan ULMWP dalam MSG adalah agar keduanya bisa mulai membahas masalah ini. Itu adalah mandat yang saya pegang sebagai ketua MSG,”

ujar Sogavare.

Sogavare juga mengaku terus menerus menerima laporan tentang pelanggaran-pelanggaran HAM yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah Indonesia kepada rakyat Papua.

“Sebelum pertemuan para pemimpin MSG dilakukan, saya menerima laporan ada 300 lebih rakyat Papua yang ditangkap karena melakukan demonstrasi memberikan dukungan kepada ULMWP. Hari ini saya juga mendapatkan laporan bahwa beberapa mahasiswa Papua di satu kota di Jawa mengalami tindakan represif bukan saja oleh aparat keamanan tapi juga oleh warga masyarakat di kota itu. Bagaimana hal ini bisa terjadi di negara demokrasi seperti Indonesia?”

ungkap Sogavare.

Fakta-fakta ini menurut Ketua PIDF ini, membuat beberapa pemimpin Pasifik menaruh perhatian khusus. Para pemimpin Pasifik, lanjutnya telah sepakat untuk membawa isu Papua ini dalam pertemuan regional Pasifik.

“Para pemimpin Pasifik bertemua hari ini atas undangan saya. Kami membahas masalah bangsa dan rakyat Papua, terutama pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia yang terus menerus terjadi. Ini harus dihentikan dan menjadi tanggungjawab siapapun yang menjadi warga dunia. Bangsa dan rakyat Pasifik menyadari hal ini. Di beberapa negara Pasifik isu Papua sudah menjadi perhatian generasi muda. Maka pemerintah dan masyarakat sipil harus mulai menjalankan tanggungjawabnya,”

jelas Sogavare. (*)

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to Free Melanesia and Melanesian Peoples from Satanic Bondages